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Car Air Conditioning Mooroooka

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Why do Auto Manufacturers recommend that your car or 4WD should have an air conditioning service at least every two years?

A car air conditioner works just like a refrigerator in that a refrigerant gas is compressed to a liquid which passes into an evaporator whereupon the liquid expands into a gas and extracts large quantities of heat energy from the surroundings. In a vehicle the heat comes from the air in the cabin and cools the cabin. Unlike a refrigerator which will operate for many years, a vehicle air-con experiences a lot of movement and seals will over time leak some refrigerant. As the refrigerant gradually leaks out the Air-con becomes less effective and the system requires a re-gas.

Fourbys Moorooka is licenced to service motor vehicle air conditioners and can test if your system is operating efficiently.

If your live of work at Moorooka and need your Car Airconditioning serviced - Give Fouby's a call

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